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About Us

CE.ENERGY is your partner for solutions and delivery of mobile power for 20 years! This company operates not only in the Czech but also in the Slovak and Polish markets. Now the CE brand comes into the market with a new look - CE.ENERGY! This new name of our company carries a mission to offer our customers better services in the field of mobile energy! That's why we come to the market with the first-class products of the Dutch brand Bredenoord, which has been the world leader for 80 years!

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  • We are a regular supplier of mobile power for the Pohoda festival. This popular Slovak festival tries to mediate the maximum experience from all kind of music and art by using an ecological way. We rent them for this purpose Bredenoord Mobile Solar Plant, which...

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  • CE.ENERGY offers its clients an Energy Emergency solution in the Czech, Slovak and Polish Republics. CE.ENERGY has certificate for this unique solution where we guarantee delivery of generators with full service at the shortest possible time. Power generators up to 1MW are guaranteed up to...

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  • We have supplied a backup power source at the Wrigley plant in Spálené Poříčí during the planned shutdown! This ensures smooth operation without power outages.

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